Collection: Traditional Moroccan Perfume Blocks. ✧ price drop on 10 gram blocks✧

Exotic, handmade, Solid Perfume Blocks sourced from the souks of Morocco.

These heady, sensual perfumes are made from old recipes, using local waxes, oils, resins, herbs, flowers, spices and essential oils.

They are traditionally rubbed lightly on pulse points, across clothing or through your hair or beard. Great for perfuming dreads as well.

They can be placed amongst your clothes or linen, adding a lingering, subtle scent that lasts for years.

Place some crumbled block in a small hessian or linen bag to hang in your wardrobe.

A great addition to your suitcase.

Keep a  piece tucked away in your caravan, boat or car and the heat of the sun will make it smell amazing. Remember through that the perfumes are made of waxes so are best kept away from the direct heat of windows or surfaces that get hot.