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Jasmine - Traditional Moroccan Solid Perfume Block

Jasmine - Traditional Moroccan Solid Perfume Block

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Sweet, floral, romantic and exotic. Warming to the emotions and calming to the nerves. Jasmine instills harmony, positivity, joy, inspiration and self-worth and has long been used as an aphrodisiac and love potion.

Best to avoid during Pregnancy.

Because these perfumes are made by small businesses and are not mass produced, our suppliers often have to search the souks for different places to find them. This means that sometimes they'll be a different colour and their perfumes will be varied as well.

We work really hard to source only quality perfumes and are only willing to sell what we love ourselves.

Buy More - Pay Less

When you purchase more than one of our Moroccan Perfume Blocks the price goes down.
Just make your selection and a 10% discount will be applied at checkout.
You can choose multiples of the same scent or a variety of your choice.
This offer only applies to Moroccan Perfumes 


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