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Mixed Box - Artisan Handmade French Perfume Rocks.

Mixed Box - Artisan Handmade French Perfume Rocks.

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For when you just can't decide.

Choose your 3 favourites from our French Perfume Rocks selection.

This pack contains approximately 12 grams of 3 different scents, with a total weight of at least 35 grams.

Let me know which 3 Perfumes you've chosen in the Order Special Instructions space of the Shopping Cart.


These beautiful Perfumes are made with all natural products.

They're designed to be placed around the house or melted in an oil-burner.

If using on your skin please check for any allergic reaction first.


Keep out of reach of children.


Some natural essential oils can be damaging to aquatic life.

Be careful how you dispose of them.

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