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Frankincense Boswellia Frereana - Maydi - Premium

Frankincense Boswellia Frereana - Maydi - Premium

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Known as Maydi, Boswellia Frereana is not so well known in the West but in Somalia where it is found, it's considered the King of Frankincense.

This resin is of the highest Grade, known as Mushaad, and is traditionally used as natural high-end chewing gum, medicine and incense.

It has a warm Ambery fragrance with touches of honey, spice and musk.

Frankincense is an oleo-gum-resin, meaning it consists of essential oil, gum and resin. Most frankincense species contain 25%-30% oleoresin whereas Boswellia Fereana averages 95%-99% with virtually no gum component.

This makes it very easy to burn, and in oil or an electric burner it will melt almost completely, leaving a beautifully fragrant oil.

It also makes it easy to chew and as such is known in it's native region as Nature's Chewing Gum. It tastes lovely and can be chewed for hours.

From the ApothecarysGarden

"Collected by traditional harvester clans and families in the mountains of the Somali Puntland, from often precarious cliff growing trees. It is brought down to the coastal plain on the backs of donkeys to be sorted, packaged and sold. It is often bought up quickly by the Coptic church as their signature incense, and traders from across the Red Sea who sell most of their product to Saudia Arabia and other Arabian countries where it is in great demand as a high end chewing gum and incense material. Frankincense Frereana is so much in demand in these countries that the harvest is often pre-purchased a year in advance to guarantee supply." 

* used traditionally as medicine and has been shown in laboratory studies to be anti-inflammatory and able to kill the H. Pylori bacteria that causes Gastric ulcers.

*It is traditionally thought to help alleviate Arthritic pain and support healthy joints.

*widely used as a high-end chewing gum for oral care, peptic ulcers, and is considered antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for both the gastrointestinal and the urinary tract.

It is believed that the body benefits from these therapeutic actions through chewing the raw resin. Maydi has been used in anti-ageing and rejuvenative cosmetic preparations and is believed to reduce wrinkles and add elasticity to mature skin.

Please note that we’re not medically trained so don't take our word for it and please do your own research. There’s an abundance of information around on the benefits of this wondrous, healing resin

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