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Sandalwood Tranquility Mist

Sandalwood Tranquility Mist

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This is a beautifully calming mist spray to use on your face, body, living space or linen.


100% Pure Grade A  Sandalwood Spicatum Essential Oil in a 100% Pure Grade A Sandalwood Spicatum hydrosol. Nothing more.


Produced in Western Australia using gentle, saturated steam distillation. There is no further processing, and no added  preservatives.


The Grade A quality means the alpha santalol content is over 25% which is considerably higher than other Australian Sandalwood Oils on the market, making it dreamy and out of this world.



Australian Sandalwood

✧ enhances feelings of openness, warmth, tranquility, inner wisdom, love, healing, honesty, comfort and protection

✧ can be mildly aphrodisiac

✧ can help ease depression

✧ has a relaxing effect on the nervous system

✧ helps facilitate spiritual development & has long been used for meditation, helping to quiten mental chatter

✧ is restful, helping to alleviate insomnia

✧ is soothing, cooling and moisturising on the skin

✧ is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, making it great for conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczma, acne and scalp irritations.




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