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Violet Essential Oil - 5ml

Violet Essential Oil - 5ml

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An intensely rich and deep floral aroma, with green, earthy undertones. This oil is less green than most violet oils.  Hmm what a mix. 

Violet was a symbol of fertility in Ancient Greece, adored by the Romans, used as a cosmetic by the Celts, infusing the flowers in goat's milk to help their complexion and thought by the Anglo-Saxons to be a remedy against evil spirits.

Violets are believed to have been used in traditional herbal medicine as a remedy against headaches and dizzy spells, respiratory congestion, coughs & sore throats.


100% Pure Violet Leaf absolute. The concrete is obtained by solvent extraction of the leaves, and an absolute by further extraction of the concrete. 

Please note that products that are volatile such as certain Essential Oils are considered to be flammable items and cannot be sent via airmail by Express Post. 

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