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Rose and Frankincense Water

Rose and Frankincense Water

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A gorgeous connection of two favourites to raise your Spirits and soothe your skin.

Our classic Pure Moroccan Rose hydrosol blended with Sacred Frankincense hydrosol from Oman.

A true Hydrosol, is created from the water left behind after the essential oil is extracted from the plants through water/steam distillation.

Pure and Unadulterated.

No Preservatives or Additives

Both Rose and Frankincense are anti-bacterial, astringent and anti-inflammatory.

This water gently hydrates, balances PH, tones, cleanses & soothes irritation for a supple and revitalized complexion.  


100% Pure Steam Distilled Rosa Damescena (Rose) Hydrosol from Morocco and 

100% Pure Organic Boswellia Sacra (Frankincense) Hydrosol from Oman,

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